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Is This Photography


The name of this conceptual artwork is “Is This Photography?” It is a contact sheet that depicts 24 frames of completely over exposed photos on 4 film strips. This piece approaches the idea of conceptualism via the 4th introduced trajectory “works that deconstruct the structures that disseminate it.”

Photography is the practice of recording light. As these images are the results of recorded light, thus this piece should be classified as photography. However, if I had printed individual images without borders, the result would be completely blank prints. Then, it would be hard to tell what type of stuff it is. (I’m not even using the term artwork here as it’s blank. It’s a white paper.) The idea of photography is given purely by the process, the method I’m presenting the artwork (contact sheet) gives information about the process, the title and artist statement also give information about the piece. Without these external information, these blank images would likely not be perceived as photographs, even though they are.

Given the arguments above, I would like to ask. Is this photography?

Is This Photography.jpg
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